Friday, October 7, 2011

The price of failure

I'm sorry about the lack of a post last week but there wasn't much to post about. anyway, now that 2 weeks have gone by I will get my fourth post underway.

As hessakhan Descended into the foul smelling lair of the kobolds, he called for his allies to join him, thinking the way was clear. oh how wrong was he, almost immediately, Sovelisses keen instincts warned them that they were not alone and to be wary, right they were for almost immediately after the second door in the dungeon was opened a kobold struck out at them, snatching the torch from Hessakhan's hands. In the darkness Manishtu quickly cast a light spell to scare off any approaching grues but their assailant was gone. After relieving his bladder on a skull in an already smelly pit, Soveliss was "accidentally" kicked into his own toilet by Hessakhan, who had had enough of his semi-sanity and poor leadership. Though the next in the hole was Hessakhan, pushed in by a pissed off Grizwald. by the time all was said and done, Hessakhan had taken a crossbow bolt and a pit floor to the face, and Soveliss was covered in his own urine. Being too injured to go straight ahead, Hessakhan instead remained just behind Grizwald with his Halberd, but there would be no help. Manishtu failed to realize the necessity of silence in a dungeon corridor and the players were ambushed by a group of Kobolds who, with their javelins and sling bullets, pelted Grizwald to death. upon seeing what a group of kobolds could do to them in 10 seconds of combat, The P.A.A.W. pissed themselves and ran like scared little girls to the nearest exit screaming for their lives tactically retreated, with Grizwald slung over Mr. T's back. they made it to Troyarsicca a few days later and told the townsfolk of their failure, the people panicked and evacuated, killing many in the process by trampling them to death or looting their stores. During all this, Soveliss did what he could to resurrect Grizwald (I.E. pray like hell) and annoyed the raven queen so much that she blasted him out of father doomsayers chapel (of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!) Mayor Thuul was so dissapointed in the P.A.A.W. that he banished them to a small island known as Pineapple Pete's Place of Paradise. Where they met (who else) Pineapple Pete, who met the same fate long ago. He spoke to the group of his brother who had gone AWOL at the sight of his dead wife and ran to the other side of the island in a pathetic attempt to ally with the drow living there. After quickly getting high, Soveliss agreed to do whatever he could to get Pete's brother back and to get off this island. They traveled to the place where skully (Pete's brother's wife) was killed. They were ambushed there by a special type of predatory vine called a blood-thorn but this was the least of their worries, Due to the ire they had incurred from the raven queen, She summoned a great darkness to envelop them. She whispered in Sovelisses ear "it is pitch black, you are likely to be eaten by a Grue." and Hessakhan was subsequently eaten by said Grue. It was only after this that the players were forced to realize (pause for dramatic effect....................................,................)