Thursday, November 10, 2011

Queue the Dragons!

11/11/11 may well be the greatest day in gaming history for many reasons. for one veteeran's day means all the little kiddo's will be getting a day off to go check out their new purchases namely, of course, THE GOD DAMN ELDER SCROLLS 5 BITCHES IT'S SKYRIM FOR ME TONIGHT! ahem.... sorry. skyrim.... woot.

The moment I heard bethesda's plans to release the long awaited sequal to my favorite game of all time (other than maybe voodoo vince) my heart skipped a beat. I learned eveything I could: radiant story,for one, sounds like a great idea.

Radiant story and you: 
essentially radiant story means the game will be different for every person who plays it, or at least it should be. How it works is, say you go into daggermouth cave (which may or may not exist) as a level 4. The enemies in there will spawn as appropriate challenges for your level and will be steered towards a difficult challenge, a moderate challenge, or an easy challenge depending upon the area. Once you enter the cave, you find that the difficulty has been CRANKED TO DA MAX! you may consider pussying out. (it would be advised if they have daedric weapons) this is fine, because they will remain mostly unchanged, only getting slightly better equipment as time goes on. So once you've hit level 7, you may want to return to exact your terrifying vengeance upon all those who once smirked at your nonmagical rusty iron dagger and level one spells WELL WHO'S LAUGHING NOW EH? it also means (this is the best part) that the quests change. you may be thinking "so what' well think about it. you go into the village and hear about a woman beside herself with grief that her husband was struck by a veomous arrow, if he doesn't get help soon he will surely die. Most of us would say "screw you lady, I got aloe vera to pick" and leave it be, knowing full good and well that he'll be just fine a month later. well sorry lad, when you come back he's dead, and the woman has killed herself (again I have no idea if that is actual game content but I know it has that element of actual time constraints in it) Think of it, that's one of the core rules of the gamer's handbook rule #3: if someone says "please, hurry there's not much time" you have infinite time. Now if something is urgent (like oh i don't know, gates to hell being opened across the land) you might have to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF GOING TO THE IMPERIAL CITY TO DEAL WITH THORONIR.

Another, less talked about news for gamers is the full release of Minecraft which will take place as scheduled, on 11/11/11 and I can't be happier. Not only will the elder scrolls be recieving it's first dose of dragons since arena, but the end will introduce enderdragons, great terrible beings from another realm that stalk the land, killing all they see.

first off, Minecraft's dragons. Notch stated long ago that he was considering putting dragons in the game but had no idea about how to implement them. Finally, he has released the enderdragon and red dragon versions onto the pre-release of 1.9.5. These beasts will be deadly, however, they should provide a great reward, perhaps some diamond studded hide will allow dragonscale armor and maybe a chance to get some diamonds. Perhpas the legendary enderdragon will bestow upon it's victor some of it's scales, teeth, claws, and perhpas some blood to be used in alchemy.

now for skyrim's dragons: killing one of these terrors will be no easy task, especially for a mere mortal. but you are no mortal soul. you are Dovahkiin, Dragonborn (who are way more epic than the ones in DND) you have the soul of dragons running through you (again more epic than the dragonic sorcerers from DND) You call upon their might through powerful dragon shouts, amazing bursts of power strong enough even to make the dragons themselves quake in fear. The Dragon's themselves seem to be fairly european style dragons. with two wings, a short body, powerful arms, and a large head with crushing jaws (and yes of course they breathe fire). They may have lairs but appear to be new to the world, with skyrim's civil war awakening them from a long imprisonment (c what I did there since you started the last 4 in jail..... moving on) They may be lost in a new land, but rest assured, they all seem to be evil beasts of near animalian intellect. Rather built and equal in power and stature to DND dragons but without DND's dragon's intelligence, cunning, and transmutation abilities. They should not be taken lightly or without powerful aid from many sources; potions, magic, exquisite skill, masterwork items, and stealth are all necessary if one is to slay a single one of these beasts and live to tell the tale.

I hope skyrim will be met with better criticism than game informer woefully gave it (8/10) apparently they did not see what they have done. the levelling system got overhauled, radiant story sounds fantastic, graphics are wonderful, time actually goes by when speaking to someone, and you can tell the races apart. This game looks to be the single greatest achievement bethesda has had and I cannot wait to see let's plays of it as I play the game for myself.

also a quick apology, DND has been shut down and may never return. I apologize, if you need something to check out go here: Dark attractions