Friday, September 23, 2011

A pleasant ride through the forest (of doom)

when last we left our heroes they had just entered the village of... uh... well I never really said what the village was called officially, we'll go with Troyarsicca. battered and broken, with their first dungeon crawl under their belts, the protagonists (and adventure whore Sovellis) were told by Urba-gro-mack, the town guard, to go to the mayors house. After meeting with the demented Mayor thuul and his completely senseless house of doors on ceilings and the magical words abracamovingvan! they had the madman convinced that sovelliss was the mayor. when from the ceiling door that wasn't there before (I've been making a chocl8215 rap so I might rhyme a lot) stepped thuul's wife, Madame nubescu (again, that's so original). She told them of a group of bandits and mercenaries who had been attacking the poor village for months now. With no military other than a simple town guard and the disgraced bastard son of a legendary knight known as Sir Reginald Grizwald III who had been drunk since he flopped into town 2 months ago, the poor village was powerless to stop them, however life goes on as our group of protagonists (and adventure whore) learned from plucky tavern owner Skippy Magere. Seemingly the only non-demented smile in town, Skippy traded a rare bottle of wine to the players for a moonstone they had found previously. They met Sir Grizwald III and after a brief drunken chat, he agreed to aid the players on their quest. with this in mind the protagonists (and A.W.) returned to Madame Nubescu who had restored Thuul's sanity (for now). she told them of a kobold keep where they could take out the supplies of the bandits. They "borrowed" some old Mares to haul the equipment and food and set out. After a week of scorpions, goblin snipers, and wiping one's ass with leaves our heroes found themselves at the entrance to the keep. The kobolds had prepared for this and, in true kobold fashion, had set traps for them. as of now the only one discovered was a poorly concealed nut checker which would have crushed the loins of whoever was unfortunate enough to activate it. They foolishly activated it using Manishtu's mage's hand power, thinking they were smart to find it was all a ruse, the trap was connected to a massive bell which alerted anything within a mile's radius of their presence. after Grizwald proved his worth by smashing down the door in, Hessakhan grabbed a flickering torch and descended into the foul smelling keep of the koblods.

and that, my dear readers, is where the week's adventures come to a close. be sure to stop by next friday night for another segment of: THE CHRONICLES OF THE P.A.A.W. (protagonists and adventure whore)

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  1. last time I forgot that david changed his character's name to Manishtu. I think it's better than Nosferatuu.